Have you ever felt and thought that EVERYTHING in life is so exciting and interesting and worth learning about? Would you return to university in the blink of an eye and delve deeply into any subject no matter what? Do you enjoy listening to people you’ve never met before and hanging onto every word they are saying because you want to learn and figure out what their world is like? Have you ever felt that there is something wrong with you because it can’t possibly be right that there are so many things that intrigue you and that you want to study in detail? Does it feel like your mind is working 24/7, and you just can’t stop thinking, thinking and overthinking?

If you can identify with any of the things mentioned above, then you have come to the right place because you are about to learn about the Rainforest Mind and, ultimately, about my Rainforest Universe.

It was a mind-blowing experience and turning point in my life when I came across the books “Refuse to Choose” by Barbara Sher and “Journey into your Rainforest Mind” by Paula Probe, which describes my and many other people’s restless minds. Wait, what? There are other people like me? People who can’t choose, who can’t decide, who can’t stop thinking and who will stop their cars to look at the flowers growing by the road? I didn’t know there was a term for what I was experiencing until I read those books. Paula Probe writes: “I want to learn everything about everything. I’ve got all of this unbridled enthusiasm about learning stuff. People find it annoying, you know. Why can’t I be satisfied with a good football game or with watching The Bachelor on TV?”


When I was younger, at times, I was so terribly frustrated that my attention used to get pulled in so many different directions and that I never seemed to be able to focus on one single hobby for a more extended period. Eventually, however, ten years ago, I started to enrol in courses in my free time and study those things that caught my attention more in detail. If you can’t fight the enemy, then befriend him. And that’s what I did and am still doing: This platform started out as a place where I could share my reading, thoughts, and book reviews. However, over time though, my website has turned into my Rainforest Universe, a place where we can EXPLORE and EXCHANGE ways of being and thinking and EXPAND our worldview. I am sharing my thoughts, passions, and insights through my blog and book reviews and offering workshops and individual consultations amongst others about Feng Shui, Fashion Feng Shui, my English classes, monthly bookclub and more for those eager to experience and learn about life from perspectives other than they already know. Have a look here:

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