I have always been interested in many different things, ranging from literature, to gardening, to painting, to fashion and to psychology, amongst many others. When I was younger, at times I was so terribly frustrated that my attention used to get pulled in so many different directions and that I never seemed to be able to focus on one single hobby for a more extended period. Eventually, however, ten years ago, I started to enrol in courses in my free time and study those things that caught my attention more in detail. Following those different classes has allowed me to stay focused and to gain a deep insight into the different techniques that I am now offering as services in my free time. It turns out that being interested in various fields of interest is not a curse after all, but a blessing, because most (holistic) approaches and lifestyles are interlinked and therefore all the knowledge I have gathered over the years has started to merge and make sense to me on a whole new level.

It took me a long time to actually pluck up my courage to venture out and share my holistic knowledge with other people. But I have mentioned so many times in various blog posts of mine that education and experience are of no use at all if we don’t apply and share what we know. So that’s why I am now willing to work as a consultant in my free time.


The below mentioned hours of assisted reflection and self-reflection allow each client to spend some quality time focused on their own self, away from the everyday chatter and noise. For some people, a consultation is their first time ever dealing with their own journey in life, instead of following other people’s advice or guidance.



What is Feng Shui?

Whenever I mention that I am a trained Feng Shui consultant, people always come up with the same questions: So, which colour do you think I should paint my living room? Is this the correct position for my couch? Why is my baby not sleeping? People look at me expectantly, and it makes me laugh, because, yes, I can find answers to all of those questions and share much more insight, but I need time for a proper home evaluation before I can give accurate answers. There is no instant fix, especially not when it comes to holistic consultations.

Before my training, I had no clue either what Feng Shui is and why we might need it. But I soon discovered that Feng Shui is the ancient art of acknowledging and appreciating your living space on a whole new level. While most people nowadays want their homes to look fancy, Feng Shui is all about paying attention to our choices and to the intention behind a decision we have made. 

A Feng Shui consultation allows you to look at your living space with a new set of eyes and to really see why your home is set up the way it is. It is also a great way to help you release old clutter, and to clear your space for a fresh start in life.

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What is Fashion Feng Shui?

While Feng Shui looks at your environment on a larger scale, Fashion Feng Shui deals with your most intimate belongings: your clothes. Have you ever thought: wow, that person looks great! I love her dress. Then you went out and bought a similar item for yourself and it made you look all frumpy and you didn’t feel comfortable at all?! Well, Fashion Feng Shui helps you understand what kind of personality you have and why other people’s clothing choices might not be your cup of tea at all. We learn to work with our innate personality and style and use our clothes to enhance our selves, just being our very own selves and not trying to copy anyone else ever again (thus saving us money and time 🥰)

My favourite colour is black. Whenever I go shopping, I always veer towards that colour, and I always have. Time and time again, various family members used to tell me that I need to brighten up my wardrobe, because after all, black looks so “sad and melancholic.” I tried to listen to their advice and bought colourful clothes – that I never wore. My training uncovered that black belongs to the element of water – my element. Water people are contemplators and seekers. They are always trying to find answers to all kinds of questions and their favourite time of the day is the night for example when they have quality time for quiet reflection. As a result, I am no longer trying to change who I am, but based on what I have discovered, I am now more focused on embracing my innate personality and on enhancing my best character traits instead of trying to mould myself into someone I am not. And that is how self-affirming a Feng Shui or Fashion Feng Shui consultation can be.

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more information coming soon 🥰 stay tuned.


more information coming soon 🥰 stay tuned.


Over the past few years, vision boards have become a popular way for people to gather their goals and intentions on one single page and to represent them appealingly. The problem with creating one single vision board; however, is that people cram all of their goals and ideas onto one single page and the actual purpose of focusing their intent is diluted instead of bundled.

Therefore our vision board workshop is a twelve-week journey that encompasses an introductory and two follow-up sessions. Each week we will be focusing on one single aspect of your life’s plan when it comes to your goals and choices. (see below for detail information)

This twelve-week vision board journey is based on the ancient principles of Feng Shui and on a selection of other spiritual methods that I value.

There is also the possibility of being guided to create a vision board based on one single goal in your life, like a wedding, a birth, or graduation, for example.


Week 1: INTRODUCTION: What is a vision board? Which techniques do I best apply? Setting goals and defining intentions.

Week 2: WELLBEING: what are your health goals and spiritual aspirations?

Week 3: FAMILY: dealing with your extended family and ancestors

Week 4: WEALTH: what do wealth and prosperity mean to you? Which role do finances play in your life?

Week 5: APPEARANCES: how vital are fame and reputation in your life?

Week 6: INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS: which marriage and relationship experience have you had to deal with?

Week 7: CHILDREN and CREATIVITY: how to enhance your creativity. Do you have any problems conceiving or bearing children?

Week 8: NETWORKING: who are the helpful people in your life? Where would you like to travel to meet new people who resonate with you?

Week  9: CAREER: working on your career

Week 10: SELF-DEVELOPMENT: how can you foster your knowledge and self-development

Week 11: SELF-REFLECTION: self-reflection week and worksheet

Week 12: FINAL EVALUATION: outcome

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please do get in touch if you require further information or if you want to book a session or subscribe to the programme

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or a therapist. I am here to discuss your journey with you and to help you uncover your core individuality. I can only assist you in your self-development and in finding quality time for yourself. The outcome and success of each session is based on your willingness to change and on your own input.