Hi there – it’s me here.

It’s your birthday – so I thought I’d say “hey”.

“Hey, how are you?” – “What are you up to?”

I wish I could hear all that you have to say – but you weren’t allowed to stay.

Eleven years ago you left – and we stayed bereft.

You walked out the door – and life has never been the same than before.

Sometimes, I thought I need to tell you on the phone – but then I remembered that you were all gone.

I would have loved to let you know – that our family was about to grow.

To let you know about the kids – since with you they would have been hits.

But you had to leave – and let us grieve.

On our own – all alone.

You had to be somewhere new – to guide us through;

To guide us from beyond – and watch over our earthly bond.

I wish you could have been at my wedding – and help me trim those hedges in spring,

Like we used to do, when I was small – you really taught me how to do it all.

You would have helped me with the fish in the pond – and answered my questions way beyond.

But you had to go – I know.

Happy birthday dearest granddad – I hope that some day we can chat.

That some day, I can hold you close once more – and reconnect beyond that heavenly door.

That some fine day, I can insist – that you are still dearly missed.

Love you loads. Happy birthday.

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