Welcome to my site! This blog is all about inspirational and self-help books and I am happy to share my reading and learning experience with you.

On this blog, you will find small, concise reviews of books that I have read over the past ten years and that have helped me see the world from different perspectives. You will come across some of my favourites quotes taken from those books and find some ideas that have moved me or some questions that were raised. Now and again, I’ll also add some music videos that resonate with me emotionally and that express the feelings that I get by reading the books.

You will only discover material and books that have inspired, educated, and uplifted me and added value to my life in some sort of way and to some extent, since I only finish reading books that I thoroughly enjoy.

Have fun browsing and feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Have a great day. Love, Linda.

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